Camping Abruzzi

The Land and the Sea of Abruzzo - Camping - Village


Immersed in a beautiful landscape of hills and mountains rising behind the sea, Abruzzo shows the Touristis its innermost featuires
of a rural culture of ancient origins.
Tanks to its modern lines of comunication, in this "strong but Kind" land you can visit Prks, Oasis and Natural Reserves or enjoy your stay by the golden beach running for over 130 Km. You can also spend beautiful days in the Bear or the Wolf live, enjoying a breathtaking and unforgettable landscape.


The Charm of Arts and History


Abruzzo is a land of ancient traditions where, both on the mountains and by the sea, Arts and History still show evidence of their past splendours, deeply touching the the Tourists.
The charm of the old Abruzzo lies in the works of art and wonderful monuments which can be found in the archaeological sites surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, in the workshops.


How to tour the Region

Camping Abruzzi

Abruzzo, the cradle of an ancient country civilisation which has kept the uses of the past, is immersed in a preserved and intact landscape offering a great variety of sightseeing tours, trips and itineraries. Tourists can use a modern, efficient road network to visit the parks, the Oasis and the Natural Reserves with their beatiful flora and fauna.


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